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Lamberg, Goubeaux
Named to World Posts

Dr. Eric Lamberg, New York; and Thomas Goubeaux, Washington, DC, have been named as US representatives to key committees of the World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF).

Lamberg, a professor at Stonybrook University, Long Island, New York, is the university's primary faculty member teaching about amputation, prosthetics and rehabilitation.

Eric was named to the WAFF's Medical and Sports Science Committee.

Goubeaux, is the CEO of Wounded Warriors Soccer, a non-profit military veteran services organization. He is an United States Soccer Federation State 5 Referee, Assignor, and Instructor, and a National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA) Referee.

He serves on the board of directors of the Capital Area Soccer Referee Association (CASRA), one of largest such associations in the United States.

Thomas has been named to the WAFF Referee Committee. He is the US Referee Representative to and selected to officiate at the 2014 Amputee Soccer World Cup in Mexico



Amp Soccer Invited to Join Paralympic Sport - Delaware

Newark, DE - U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and Delaware's Yes U Can Corporation have partnered to create Paralympic Sport - Delaware.

Paralympic Sport - Delaware is a community-based sports club developed to involve youth and adults, including active duty service members and veterans, with physical and visual disabilities in ongoing sports and physical activity, regardless of skill level.

Amputee Soccer has been invited to become a part of the overall program which now includes wheelchair basketball, sled hockey and a number of other programs.

All programs and activities will be based in Delaware.

Outreach for recreational team players is now underway. For more inforamtion on the games and how to play in Delaware, contact Delaware Amputee Soccer
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