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Dan Broome - Yorba Linda, CA
Active in high school athletics, Dan enjoyed participating in cross country and lettered once in tennis and three times in soccer. Dan lost his leg in an industrial accident while working a summer job before college.

Frustrated by trying to play soccer with a prosthesis, he began playing amputee soccer on crutches. It has been a passion since he began in 1986.

He's a five-time Amputee Soccer World Cup veteran, US National Team Captain and Co-Captain, and a prodigious goal scorer.

Dan lives in Southern California with his wife Susan and boys Ben, Andy and Nick.

One-legged Soccer Player Scores Amazing Goal!

Nioco's Goal with 2nd Angle
Nicolai Calabria - Concord, MA
Nicolai Calabria is a senior at Concord Carlisle High School in Massachusetts where he is co-captain of the varsity wrestling team and plays on the varsity soccer team.

At age 13 he became the first person to ever summit 19,341 ft. Mount Kilimanjaro on crutches and in so doing raised more than $100,000 for charity.

Nico is the subject of a short documentary film entitled Nico’s Challenge which received numerous honors including first place at the American Pavilion Film Festival in Cannes, France.

He is the recipient of the Ambassadors of Mobility Award from the Free Wheelchair Mission and the Inspiration Award from Shane’s Inspiration. Nicolai has been a speaker at the Mountainfilm Festivals in Colorado and Vermont, has appeared on the the Ellen DeGeneres show and been a guest on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.

He is currently a field tester for SideStix providing feedback that has helped to create the ultimate high performance sports crutch.

More on Nicolai from the Boston Herald.

Foday Dumbuya - Houston, Texas
Foday lost his right leg from gunfire in the Sierra Leone civil war in 1998 when he was 13.

He was introduced to amputee soccer in 2001 by Dee Malcho, a member of the very first amputee soccer team, when she was visiting Sierra Leone as a part of her church mission there. Foday said rather than just telling the amputees they could play, she took off her leg and showed them they could play.

Foday became Captain of the Sierra Leone team, was the star scorer in the 2007 First Annual All Africa Tournament, was was vioted Player Representative to the World Amputee Foorball Federation Executive Committee and Congress.

Foday also helped coach the start-up Haitian National Amputee Soccer team as it prepared for its first international tournament in 2010.

He now lives and works in Houston, TX.

Emmanuel Yeboah - San Diego, California
Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah is an international leader in disability rights. Born in Ghanma, West Africa, with only one functional leg, and orphaned at at early age, Emmanuel decided to demonstrate that "diablility" does not mean inability.

His 400-mile bicycle tour around Ghana, and his subsequent rise as a power motivator and spokesperson, was the topic of the film "Emmanuel's Dream," recently re-aired on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

The impact of Emmanuel achievements, and his goals for the disabled, are outlined on his foundation website.

In terms of athletics, the Challenged Athlete Foundation, named Emmanuel "Most Inspirational Athlete of the Year" in 2003. He received the Nike "Casey Martin Award" in 2003; and the Cinequest "Life of a Maverick Award" in 2005.

Emmanuel, a striker, became a member of the US NAtional Amputee Soccer team in 2011.

Keith Mann - Northern New Jersey Keith lost his leg when he was 17 after a freak accident at school involving glass severed part of his left leg. Keith quickly adapted to the changes of being an amputee and remained an excellent athlete. But he but thought he might have to give up soccer, his favorite sport.

Keith became interested in amputee soccer after getting in contact with amputee soccer's Executive Director Rick Hofmann just a year after he lost his leg. He played for Philadelphia Regional was the leading scorer in the 2003 US National 4 v 4 Championships.

During his sophomore year while attending Muhlenberg College, Keith completed the New York City Marathon on forearm crutches. Keith now competes in various sprint triathlons without the use of his prosthesis.

Keith is a Kindergarten assistant teacher at a nearby private school and lives with his long-time girlfriend, Samantha and two rescued dogs, Michael and Lulu in New Jersey.

Ignacio Medrano - Sun Valley, CA
Ignacio "Nacho" Medrano has been playing soccer since the age of seven as a defender/midfielder. He's a four-time amputee soccer world cup veteran and has served as Captain and Co-Captain of the US National Amputee Soccer Team.

Nacho is a BK (below the knee) amputee as the result of cancer surgery in 1991. That "inconvenience" didn't deter him from playing the sport he loves since just after the surgery.

Nacho had the distinction of playing in the LA Coliseum as an amateur player. Now, as an amputee he plays as an elite level player on the international level.

He was named Team Captain for Team USA's match v. Team Mexico in 2012, was featured playing soccer in the Ford Motor company commercial - "Anthem."

Robert Spotswood - Originally from Birmingham, AL, now living in San Francisco, CA
Robert has been playing soccer since he was 6 years old, including being a star scorer on his high school team and as a member of the Alabama Olympic Development soccer team.

He lost his right (kicking) leg in 1998 as the result of a horrendous vehicle accident which broke nearly every bone in his body. A year and a day later he took the field in a US National Amputee Soccer Team uniform, served as team captain for the opening ceremonies in the 1999 European Invitational Championship Tournament, and scored his first international goal in that event as a left legged shot.

In 2000 He played in his first Amputee Soccer World Cup. Most recently he scored the winning goal on a last minute header against Haiti.

Robert claims to be a "Migrant European banker; first at Credit Suisse and now Barclays." That much we know is true.

He also claims that "I’ve been caller number 9 more than 10 times, can bounce on a pogo stick for 8 hours straight, enjoy urban hang-gliding, ice sculpting, suspension bridge engineering, the trombone, origami, and time travel." We don't think much of that is true. Except for the time travel part.

Robert is an avid outdoorsman; fly-fishing, bird hunting, kayaking, and skiing. But most of all, he says, he loves music, the ladies, fishing and soccer.

Henry Sunday - Manchester, CT
Henry Vurasi Sunday is a 26-year-old university student originally from Port Hacourt, Nigeria. Henry leads a normal life, working toward his personal and professional goal of becoming an electrical engineer.

But in April 2006 a car collided with the motorbike on which he was a passenger. As a result of that accident Henry became an above-the-knee amputee.

Never giving up, Henry learned how to play soccer on crutches. He excelled, and was chosen for the 2011 and 2012 US National Amputee Soccer Teams.

Josh Sundquist - Alexandria, VA

Josh describes himself as "son, brother, cancer survivor, author, Paralympic ski racer, motivational speaker, YouTuber and occasional vegan."

Josh lost his leg to cancer at age nine. In addition to playing soccer, he started ski racing when he was sixteen years old.

He trained for the next six years and in 2006 he was named to the US Paralympic Ski Team for the 2006 Paralympics in Turino, Italy. That experience was the foundation for his book "Just Don't Fall: Hilariously True Story of Childhood, Cancer, Amputation, Romantic Yearning, Truth, and Olympic Greatness."

Josh is also the co-inventor of the "Amputee Wrap," a fast-food delicacy in Alexandria.
Eric Westover - Myrtle Beach, SC
Eric Westover - Keeper Eric has been playing soccer since he was 8 years old. But his coach never let him play goalie because of his long legs. His home position became Sweeper.

He did, however, play goalie in hockey for more than 15 years. That's how he was recruited to play for the U.S. National Team in 2006. That and the fact that he's missing his right arm below the elbow.

Eric lost his arm in 2004 secondary to a nerve injury and the onset of CRPS II (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). He's spent the last 8 years as an outspoken disability advocate & has lobbied on the local, state, and national level across the country.

Eric is a grateful believer & follower of Jesus Christ. He's a retired consultant but continues to serve in the community doing volunteer work & speaking engagements across the country. He was born & raised in Minneapolis, MN, but now calls Myrtle Beach, SC home.

Eric is married to his beautiful wife, Shawn, and has two children, Paig & Dylan. Their other children include two dogs, Tobie & Grace, and two cats, Ouiser & Boo. When Eric's not on the pitch he likes to hunt, fish, golf, scuba dive, camp, and hang out at the beach with his family.

Eric currently sits on the board of the AASA (American Amputee Soccer Association).

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